Pants on Fire, Issue 1!

The first pro-Issue 1 ad of the campaign takes misrepresentation to a whole new level. The pro-Issue 1 campaign uses misleading attacks and outright lies in a desperate attempt to save their failing ballot issue.  Here are just a few facts to clear things up:

CLAIM: Issue 1 will end the current council appointment process.

FACT: Issue 1 doesn’t change the appointment process. It actually makes it worse.

CLAIM: Issue 1 will create a councilmember for every neighborhoods.

FACT: Issue 1 creates up to 25 councilmembers, not the over 200 needed for every Columbus neighborhood to have a councilmember.

CLAIM: Allegations and rumors of “corruption.”

FACT: The federal prosecutor in the Redflex case said the case is over. One lobbyist was found guilty, but he acted alone.

Issue 1 leaves voters with too many questions and too much at risk. What will the ward maps look like? What ward would you live in? Who draws the lines? How can we pay for up to 25 politicians, each making $80,000/year?  Now, voters know one thing for certain: They can’t trust pro-Issue 1 backers to be honest about their dark money, their flawed ballot issue, or their risky agenda for Columbus.


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