Pro-Issue 1 Campaign Took $323,750 in Hidden Contributions

Dark money corporations have given pro-Issue 1 campaigners $323,750.08 in their quest to pass Issue 1 according to filings with the Franklin County Board of Elections. A Colorado-based corporation is allegedly violating Ohio law by operating as a political action committee for Issue 1 without filing campaign finance reports that would disclose their donors and expenditures.

“When will the pro-Issue 1 special interest come clean with Columbus voters? With less than 24 hours before Columbus votes on this issue, we still don’t know who is really paying for this flawed, expensive proposal because they’re hiding donors behind an out-of-state political action committee,” said Bryan Clark, campaign manager with One Columbus, a coalition of faith, labor, business, and community leaders against Issue 1. “It’s time for the Ohio Elections Commission to investigate this illegal activity.”

Issue 1 supporters have received $323,750.08 in dark money this year alone – accounting for over 99% of their campaign money.

  • The Colorado-based Democracy Win has spent $114,927.91 to influence our election, but hasn’t disclosed a single donor or expenditure.
  • An eastside non-profit primarily funded by taxpayers, the Columbus Compact Corporation, has spent $208,822.17 to push Issue 1.

While Represent Columbus has filed required campaign disclosure statements, Democracy Win appears to be skirting Ohio law by refusing to register as a political action committee or file basic campaign finance disclosure reports. The group has skipped at least four required filings.

All filings are available from the Franklin County Board of Elections.

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