Let’s get it right!

Let’s get it right, Columbus!

Today, Mayor Andrew Ginther and Councilmember Shannon Hardin will formally announce a new citizen-led Charter Review Committee, according to a city media release. One Columbus strongly supports this opportunity to look at successful cities and consider modernizations for our City Council.

Issue 1 was hatched in the dark without public input and pushed on the ballot after special interests spent over $100,000 to pay for petition signatures. It is riddled with legal time bombs and doesn’t even consider issues like appointments to council.

Issue 1 creates up to 25 councilmembers — each making over $80,000 a year for a part-time job. It will turn Columbus into another city full of partisan bickering like Chicago, Detroit, and Washington, DC.

Issue 1 is a risk we can’t afford.

We’re excited about the Council Charter Review Committee and look forward to thoughtful recommendations. This committee is a fair, open, transparent way to update our city charter — through public input and public debate.

Let’s get this right, Columbus. Vote NO on Issue 1 on Tuesday August 2nd.

In victory,

Bryan Clark
Campaign Manager
One Columbus

2 thoughts on “Let’s get it right!

  • I work for the city and it’s residents, I for 1 like the options of the public input, especially on things that affect the families who live,work and play in our fine city. Besides $80k for a part time job is a slap to most of the folk who live and work here and struggle or survive on half n of that on an average. I say no on issue 1 as a worker and voter. Even though technology seems great to some it takes jobs and makes folks lazy. Automation and technology has cost so many jobs already. Why don’t they let the already paid for green Cota buses work and do what they are capable, who needs rails put down to run north south east west, when buses already do that very well.

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