Issue 1: The Mini-Koch Brothers?

This afternoon, Represent Columbus filed their finance report and it’s very troubling.

Just like their allies the Koch Brothers, Represent Columbus is misleading voters and hiding their contributions from the public.

So, let’s try to follow the Mini-Koch Brothers’ money!

Democracy Win is a shadowy SuperPAC registered at a residential address outside Denver, CO. It’s run by Battleground Solutions, the political operatives for Represent Columbus. Democracy Win is spending money to influence our elections, but they’re hiding where the money came from.

Columbus Compact Corporation is a non-profit in Columbus. Its mission is supposed to be redevelopment on the Eastside. Instead, they’ve given Represent Columbus almost $140,000 in the last four months! Where did their money come from? We don’t know.

Issue 1 already has too many unanswered questions. Now, we can add their dark money to the list.

On Tuesday, August 2nd, vote NO on Issue 1.


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