AD WATCH: First ad gets it right


The Dispatch review of our first ad is in — and it finds our ad is accurate! After months of complaints from pro-Issue 1 special interests, objective referees continue to show One Columbus is getting it right. See the entire ad watch for yourself right here.

Analysis: Columbus residents will decide on Issue 1 in a special election August 2. The ballot proposal asks Columbus voters to alter the Columbus City Council from its current seven-member, at-large makeup to a 13-member, district-based model. The proposal calls for 10 members elected from districts and three members elected at-large.

Opponents of Issue 1 have run with Issue 1’s plans to expand the council as the city grows, adding two districts for every 150,000 people the city gains in population. The cap is 25 members if Columbus reaches 1.65 million in population, roughly double the current population.

Aggressive projections have the city hitting that population mark sometime between 2050 and 2060. Organizers of the Issue 1 proposal said their projections from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission said it would take decades longer than 2060 to reach that population level.

Issue 1 says nothing about how much council members would be paid. The $80,000 salary figure in the commercial accounts for salary, plus all benefits and pension payments. Members currently make a $52,600 annual base salary; the council president earns about $63,300 a year. Council members are considered part time.

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