FWD: Donald Trump and Issue 1?


Earlier this month, the volunteer leaders of the Franklin County Democratic Party strongly endorsed a NO vote on Issue 1. We had a robust discussion, all voices were heard, and Democrats stood together to oppose Issue 1 because it’s a risk we can’t afford.

So, what does this have to do with Donald Trump?

Last week, the Party of Donald Trump endorsed Issue 1. Now Issue 1 has a little bit of everything – allies of the Koch Brothers, a ballot-hopping Republican candidate, an out-of-state SuperPAC, and an endorsement from the Republican Party.

This just reconfirms our decision to strongly oppose Issue 1.

Issue will take money from neighborhoods to pay for up to 25 council members. Issue 1 forces you to vote without seeing a ward map, knowing what ward you’d live in, or who draws the lines. And, Issue 1 has turned into a Republican power grab. Whether you support the idea of wards or not, Issue 1 is wrong for Columbus.

On August 2nd, remember to vote NO on Issue 1.

In victory,
Michael Sexton



Michael Sexton
Chairman, Franklin County Democratic Party

P.S. You can vote early today! Just visit the Franklin County Board of Elections for more information. Click Here

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