Former Republican Mayor Greg Lashutka Opposes Issue 1

Joining a bipartisan group of residents opposed to Issue 1, former Columbus Mayor Greg Lashutka spoke out against Issue 1 in a Sunday Dispatch letter to the editor. Lashutka, a Republican who served as mayor from 1992-2000, said Issue 1 and it’s up to 25 member ward-based council,

“…would create more bureaucracy and expense on the back of our taxpayers to implement and monitor this proposal into the future. According, I will vote against the Columbus City Charter change on Aug. 2, and I urge residents to do the same.”

Lashutka offered to give feedback on the proposal to the special interest group pushing Issue 1. However, Lashutka notes, “My offer to further discuss my concerns was not accepted.”

Check out the entire letter to the editor here. Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, Issue 1 is a risk we can’t afford.

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