CU: “City Council Ward Proposal Untimely, Expensive, Opponents Say”

Columbus divided.

Issue 1: Columbus divided.

Columbus Underground had a great write-up on the Issue 1 scheme on the August 2nd Special Election ballot.

“The question is not whether or not wards are right for Columbus,” said Bryan Clark, Campaign Manager for One Columbus and former Campaign Manager for Mayor Andrew Ginther. “The question is whether or not this proposal is right for Columbus.”

Clark said the plan proposed by Represent Columbus is poorly timed, expensive and regressive.

“We believe that this is a flawed proposal that will really do a lot of harm to the city of Columbus. For the first time in 100 years, partisan politics will be injected back into our city,” Clark said. “Under this, for the first time in over 100 years, political parties would be the deciding factor for who gets to draw the ward lines. And by the way, people will not know what these lines look like before they’re asked to vote on August 2nd.”

Creating a ward system would set the city back to the 1800s and would ultimately cultivate a corrupt council like those in Chicago and Detroit, Clark added. It would also cost the city $75,000 more every year for each person that is added to the council over time.

“By growing to 25 council members, it’s going to cost taxpayers over $6 million a year,” he said. “That’s $6 million that can’t be spent on police and firefighters, can’t be spent on vacant and abandoned properties or economic development here in our city.”

Be sure to get the facts before you vote on Tuesday, August 2nd.

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