Dispatch: Vote No on Issue 1, 8.2.16

Today, the Columbus Dispatch ran an even stronger editorial against Issue 1 on the August 2 special election ballot. Their conclusion? Issue 1 is too risky, too costly, and too vague. It’s the wrong way to make a massive change to our local government. Thoughtful reform is better Columbus voters on Tuesday should vote No[…]

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According to a new third-party analysis, Issue 1 will cost taxpayers $20,000,000 over the next decade.  The estimate, produced by a CPA who specializes in budget forecasting, also shows that new council offices will cost $261,418 each. “Issue 1 comes with major sticker shock for Columbus voters, with a price tag of $20 million over the[…]


Pants on Fire, Issue 1!

The first pro-Issue 1 ad of the campaign takes misrepresentation to a whole new level. The pro-Issue 1 campaign uses misleading attacks and outright lies in a desperate attempt to save their failing ballot issue.  Here are just a few facts to clear things up: CLAIM: Issue 1 will end the current council appointment process. FACT:[…]

Dark Money

Issue 1: The Mini-Koch Brothers?

This afternoon, Represent Columbus filed their finance report and it’s very troubling. Just like their allies the Koch Brothers, Represent Columbus is misleading voters and hiding their contributions from the public. So, let’s try to follow the Mini-Koch Brothers’ money! Democracy Win is a shadowy SuperPAC registered at a residential address outside Denver, CO. It’s run[…]

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Former Mayor Coleman Opposes Issue 1

Former Mayor Mike Coleman — the longest serving and most successful mayor in our city’s history — weighs in on Issue 1. His verdict? Vote NO on Issue 1 at the August 2nd special election. “Issue 1 was hatched in secret…Without your input… And was endorsed by the party of Donald Trump. “Issue 1 will[…]

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AD WATCH: First ad gets it right

DISPATCH AD WATCH The Dispatch review of our first ad is in — and it finds our ad is accurate! After months of complaints from pro-Issue 1 special interests, objective referees continue to show One Columbus is getting it right. See the entire ad watch for yourself right here. Analysis: Columbus residents will decide on[…]